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September 2016
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My Book

I started writing my book today.  It feels great.


Now that The Cannoli is public knowledge it’s been pretty interesting hearing / seeing people’s reactions to the announcement. In true form of my life, several have been completely Questionable… And some are not even Questionably Fabulous.

All The Bits & Pieces…

… are in all right places! Officially, the doctor said so! If you are on Facebook you can watch the latest ultrasound on my or Bryan’s page.

Bob the Almighty!

Just received this lovely email from my lil guy.  I miss him so very much.  BOB THE DOG……is so great!  My people love me to death!! The lady you gave me to is over the moon about me, and even her husband is too.  I am now officially a big squirrl hunter, it took me a while to hone [...]

People Watching

Like many of you out there, I love to people watch. Sit me at an outdoor restaurant facing the street and it’s almost like sitting in front of a TV! Especially if it’s warm outside and people are wearing all sorts of funny stuff. Or in a foreign country, I cannot resist imaging what the people are thinking about or what their lives are like. I love watching couples too. I like to try and guess if they are on the first date or if the date is going well etc. and I cannot help it, I laugh hysterically when people trip or when they pick a weggie or do anything somewhat embarrassing. As a side note, I laugh at myself when I trip and often I look up to see if anyone was watching so we can laugh together. I do pick weggies also, but I tend not to make eye contact afterwards, a lady’s gotta have some class, right? LOL

I’m Back!

Only due to the Questionably Fabulous customer service of Great Britain I finally have internet service. How long did I go without you ask? Um, try 8 weeks. Yea, two months! Those of you who still live in The States and you have to wait 24 hours or something for a switch to be thrown, don’t complain. And also, for those of you who whine about having to wait from 8 am till 12 noon for the cable guy, yea, shut it. Our electrician was supposed to come on Monday afternoon at 2:30, he showed up at 9 am on Wednesday. No call, no return of my messages…

Dear Ex-Mother of Mine,

(Just got an email from Bob… Here’s what he had to say for himself…)

The QF Sites of London

A few pictures I took while out and about in London. Sooooo many Questionably Fabulous sites to see!!!

Mix Ups

Was going to expand on my Highlights posting but then I had THE MOST Questionably Fabulous day yesterday with the most famous (see how British I’m getting) of mix ups. Two performed by none other than me but then directly after Bryan had quite the blunder as well. Crazy.


I’ve been just oh so very busy these last several days… I really need to write several blogs… Here are the titles I’m working on and some highlights from the last few days in London!!!

Which Shoes to Choose

What kind of shoes do you wear to walk for 6 hours around London neighborhoods trying to find a place to live?

Daniel sounds like a lovely name…

Yesterday was a splendid day – long but lovely. Can you tell I’m desperately trying to learn my vocabulary here? Last night I said “Blimely I hate that my flat is so small and I can’t get a mobile yet. And if I have to climb one more flight of stairs cause there isn’t a lift in the building I’ll be bloody pissed!” This of course was met with a round of laughter but secretly I was applauding myself – I gotta give myself some credit if no one else will! How Questionably Fabulous is that?

And God Said “Let There be Peter Jones”

Welp, I found my mother ship… I confessed to have one burning question to ask. WHERE CAN I BUY A CURLING IRON?… I had to try Peter Jones, and when (gasp) they compared it to my Mecca back home, Target, I knew this was the place for me…

The Muppets Take Manhattan

It’s like The Muppets Take Manhattan but instead it was The Mitisek’s taking Buckingham!  What a wonderful day wondering around London.  Bryan is napping as I type – silly boy woke up at 4:30 am, I guess he didn’t adjust as well as I did to the new time zone.  It’s either standard exhaustion or [...]

Closet Space

Tell me how I am supposed to fit 6 suitcases full of clothes, shoes and accessories into one tiny closet.